Friday, August 24, 2007

Tussie Mussie and Goodies

Don't you just love receiving special mail. I now wait for a quiet moment and with coffee in hand, spend some leisurely time opening these exciting parcels. This week I received my lovely Tussie from Maija. I opened the box and there was a beautiful Tussie filled to overflowing with goodies.

Maija told me that almost everything on and in the Tussie is vintage. We had decided that the Tussies would reflect our own tastes and personalities, that way we would have something of the other person. But, surprisingly enough, the colours and items are also me. The pinks, flowers, vintage wallpaper, and of course the glitter K. Every time I saw a glitter initial, I wanted one of my own. Thank you Maija. There are two pretty envelopes full of fun vintage collage items, pink vintage tinsel surrounds the top, vintage ribbon and ties with a butterfly and one of those coveted tickets stamped with a bird and a crepe paper round medallion.

Gracing the bottom is a blue vintage ribbon bow with crystals

The Tussie is full of wonderful vintage collage items. Wallpaper, buttons, metal pieces, tiny glass items, scrap, and the list goes on.

Thank you Maija for all the sweetness you have put into my Tussie, it is much appreciated.


Felicia said...

What a beautiful gift.

The Rose Room said...

Hi Karen
That is gorgeous!
Love the glitter K and the crystals at the bottom, and the wallpaper, and the ticket bird and . . . well all of it!
Have a great weekend.
Take Care

Maria said...

Maija was my partner for Holiday Jennys Collage, I still look at it evryday as a source of creative inspiration. You got tons of lovely goodies too. Have fun with them.

Amy said...

oh how pretty! It's all so lovely :-)

Only a Paper Moon said...

Karen this is just gorgeous!! I see you recieved some vintage buttons as well, lucky girl!! Thanks for visting, cant wait to see more!!

Monica said...

Lucky you! Such a beautiful tussie and wonderful goodies! said...

That is really pretty, you can see how 'vintagey' it is. and of course, I am always drawn to anything with a sparkly K on it!

Natasha Burns said...

Lovely stuff! the tussie mussie is so sweet and I am loving the crystal on the bottom, just the perfect finishing touch!